YIS believes there is a tremendous amount of capital available for investments. Accordingly, the best investors can and should be selective in who they elect to receive capital from. YIS offers investors the following:

  • Active involvement – Where appropriate and beneficial YIS is will to take an active role regarding its investment to apply its expertise or relationships. 
  • Deep Experience – YIS has been intimately involved with a wide range of alternative investments. Direct experience includes running a relative value hedge fund, allocating tens of billions of dollars of investor capital to independent hedge fund and private capital managers, and building a successful investment management firm.
  • Quick decisions – YIS is unfettered by the bureaucracies that often burden or impede organizations from making timely decisions and can, therefore, react promptly. 
  • Patience – As private capital, YIS has no artificially imposed motivations to monetize investments. Instead, it is comfortable holding a well-performing business, investment or manager for the long term. 
  • Risk Awareness – YIS understands that investments entail the assumption of risk. Ideally, the risk/reward tradeoff should be asymmetrical.