YIS Capital has no predefined asset allocation, and instead seeks to build a diversified portfolio of idiosyncratic opportunistic investments.

These situations can involve direct investments or allocations to an outside investment manager pursuing a well-defined strategy. YIS’s primary focus is in those areas typically referred to as “Alternative Investments” which includes hedge fund and private capital strategies. Finally, as a private investor YIS analyzes investments based on the after-tax return.

Hedge Fund Strategies

Consistent with its long-held views about the efficiencies of capital markets, YIS generally avoids directional and actively managed investments in investment grade fixed income, large cap equities or broad based indices. Instead, YIS seeks to make investments in relative value and event driven strategies. YIS believes that skillful and experienced managers/operators can employ a ‘manually intensive’ approach to creating a favorable risk/reward tradeoff.   

Real Estate

YIS seeks to allocate a meaningful portion of capital to individual real estate projects across various segments including multi-family, hotels, office and commercial. In this asset class, YIS will partner with existing developers or operators, as well as, directly pursue individual projects. YIS’s current portfolio includes both ground up developments, refurbishments, and existing properties. Historically, YIS prefers to invest in smaller projects where equity ranges between $2-20 million dollars.

Early Stage Companies

YIS regularly invests directly in seed and early rounds of new companies that ideally satisfy two criteria: 1) They are massive industries ripe for evolution or disruption. Given the inherent risk in this category, YIS tries to invest in those early stage companies with the potential to grow into multi-billion dollar businesses, 2) They are easily understandable and leverage previous experience. Areas of interest include financial services/investment management, healthcare, education and consumer-related. In some sectors like technology, biotech, and energy, YIS typically prefers to partner with outside professionals.

Private Equity

YIS invests equity directly into stable businesses seeking to grow, transform or provide some liquidity for existing ownership. Direct investments will be limited to those industries it can understand and potentially add value through active involvement. Like in other areas, the alignment of incentives with the businesses’ leadership will be a key factor in an investment decision.